Just as Jesus welcomed children so do we! We love children to be part of our services (noise and wiggles are part of being family) however we also have some age targeted programmes for the children during our Sunday morning services. Usually the children will be in the service for the first 20-30 minutes and then go to their programmes.

For pre-schoolers, we have Sparklers where the children can play, engage in the Bible story, talk to God together & enjoy a little morning tea. We have a dedicated team of leaders who enjoy being with these awesome youngsters.

For those in Years 1-6 at school, we have IGNITE, where we explore what the Bible tells us about who God is, play games, and sing and pray in a big group time; have  morning tea, discussion and activities in our small groups. Again, we have some wonderful leaders on the team.

Our aim is to partner with parents in helping to bring children into a lifelong relationship with Jesus. Contact Kathryn Mower for more details.

There is also a Parent’s Room with a sound system so that you can attend to your very young ones and still be part of the service. You are welcome to use this at any time.

During the week, there is an ICONZ group for boys, meeting on a Wednesday night during term time. They have great activities for the different age groups of boys & young men. Contact the office for more details!