Students & Young Adults

Since 1876 we’ve been a community church for the wider community. A large part of the dynamic of Lincoln is Lincoln University, founded just two years after Lincoln Baptist Church.

We welcome all students (whether diploma or under-graduates or post-graduates, Kiwis and internationals) and young adults who’ve chosen to be in the workplace.

For those in the workplace, we seek to equip those who are Christians to work, worship and witness for the glory of God. For those who aren’t Christians, we welcome their interest in Jesus and seek to show Jesus in the Bible.

For those who are students and followers of Jesus, we recognise that their primary mission field is in the university – at Lincoln, or Canterbury or other institutions. So we encourage them to join others with our friends TSCF┬áto speak for Jesus and live for Jesus together on campus, alongside service in the local church. For those who aren’t Christian students, we welcome them and aim to show them the glory of God in Jesus.