Tim Hodge

Tim’s aim is to proclaim Jesus, from the whole Bible, to the whole world, for the whole of life.

Lincoln has now been home for Tim longer than anywhere else, since 2004, and he has been part of the life and mission of Lincoln Baptist Church all that time. He was finally persuaded onto the church staff team (part-time) in 2014, and now works as our Vinework Team Leader. This means that he encourages us all to speak for Jesus and live for Jesus, recognising that we have life when connected to Jesus the Vine.
Tim also works with TSCF university student mission.

Married to Lizzy, he loves to ski in the winter and watch cricket at any time of year; she loves to crochet and listen to bluegrass music. Since becoming parents in 2009 they’ve worked to raise their son and daughter to love Jesus and love life.