Mission Cube partners

We are a community church for the wider community; we want all people, everywhere to trust in Jesus.

Here are our six key Mission Cube partners who are working with us, all around the world.

We support in prayer and in finance three couple and three organisations.

For details of how to receive newsletter and how to give money to what God is doing in and through these six Mission Cube partners, please Contact Us.

Josué and Ruth Olmedo, Ana-Gracia and Ela-Paz       

Josué Olmedo, an Ecuadorian, and his Kiwi wife Ruth, work with CECE – the university student mission in Ecuador, South America. CECE aims to see students proclaiming the gospel and making disciples, serving on campus, in the marketplace and in the church. Josué and Ruth’s vision has been inspired by how Paul and the Christians in Ephesus experienced the power and effects of the gospel in that city (Acts 18:8 – 20:1). ‚

Ecuador is nominally Catholic, but there is little vibrant Christian faith in the nation. CECE is at the heart of gospel witness in the nation, with those who become Christians at university moving on to positions of influence throughout the country after graduation.

Please pray

  • For all of CECE to be bold in speaking of Jesus and living for Jesus
  • For godly living in the university world that sadly can be corrupt
  • For many students in Ecuador to meet Jesus and become Christian
  • For the CECE board and Josue as National Director as they deal with legal and financial challenges.

Ilkka and Maree Rauhala

Ilkka and Maree come from a farming background and have always had a passion for mission. They originally went to serve in Thailand with tranzsend (part of the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society) some years ago when their three children were small, then returned to NZ during the children’s teenage years. In 2017 they felt free to return and believed this was where God was leading them. With former Mission Cube partners Lynley and Peter Capon retiring the timing was perfect, as these two bring years of experience and a depth of cultural understanding.

They will continue to work in NE Thailand with other members of the tranzsend team, supporting the small local church, teaching English, and helping to provide income-generating opportunities for the very poor communities amongst whom they live and work.

The people of this region of Thailand are a marginalised group and many are disadvantaged and impoverished. Alcohol and drug abuse is common. The church has a crucial role to play in bringing hope though following Jesus, and positively transforming lives.

It’s a privilege for us at LBC to continue to be part of the New Zealand Baptist Missionary Society work in Thailand through our support of Maree and Ilkka.

Please pray:

  • For their roles as disciplers and mentors in the local churches
  • For discipline and determination as they  continue to work at their language studies
  • For creativity and enthusiasm in the various projects they become engaged with
  • For opportunities to build significant relationships with people in their community

Greg and Lisa

Greg and Lisa serve in the Middle East / Arab Peninsula, reaching out with God’s love into the Arab communities in which they live. They have considerable knowledge of the Qur’an as well as the Bible and readily engage in faith conversations, often using Biblical story-telling to share the message of the Gospel.  They are also involved in training incoming workers, equipping them for service, organising internships for them, and assisting in their Arabic studies.


Please pray:

  • for wisdom in imparting their considerable experience to incoming workers.
  • for meaningful and fruitful friendships in the local Muslim communities.
  • for God to move sovereignly in the countries of the Middle East/Arab Peninsula, including those that are war-torn as well as the wealthy Gulf states, to revealing Himself to people and bringing people to a sure and blessed salvation.


TearFund, motivated by the love of Jesus Christ, advocates for poor, vulnerable and oppressed people. TearFund believes that communities know the issues they face better than anyone, so they identify local organisations around the world to partner with. Tearfund works across five causes to help those most in need

  • Nourishing communities with life’s essentials.
  • Protecting the vulnerable from exploitation.
  • Restoring hope and peace after disaster strikes.
  • Sponsoring children in need. 
  • Empowering the poor to help themselves.

This approach empowers communities to help themselves and find local, long term, sustainable solutions to poverty.

Selwyn Wairewa Youth Trust (SWYT)

SWYT works to benefit youth in the Selwyn and Wairewa areas, in collaboration with LBC youth ministry, Lincoln High School, and Selwyn District Council. SWYT develops and supports programmes, projects and activities that are consistent with Christian principles—these inspire youth with a greater vision for themselves and SWYT supports them in their journey to fulfil that vision.

The two key features of SWYT’s work are:

  • 24-7 YouthWork: SWYT has Youth Workers in Lincoln High School with the 24-7 YouthWork programme, working with groups and individuals and supporting the school in propagating their values in the student community.
  • Te Kohatu: the youth facility on the Lincoln Baptist Church property.

SWYT appreciates friends who:

  • Participate – volunteers who can contribute to a range of tasks.
  • Pay – people committed to financially supporting all aspects of the Trust’s work.
  • Pray – for the provision of resources, for protection, unity and wise leadership, for good relationships within and outside the Trust.


Hagar is a Christian organisation that works to restore women and children who suffer extreme human rights abuse to life in all its fullness. They particularly work with survivors of human trafficking, slavery, sexual exploitation and gender based violence.  Hagar nurtures hope, healing, resilience, dignity, family and community so that all involved (donors, partners, staff and clients) experience transformation.

Hagar identifies the individual needs and potential of each survivor and nurtures, through relationships, their journey towards resilience and dignity.